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Hampton boats appeared in the late 1800s and evolved from oar power, through sail power and eventually to motor power with the advent of the make and break engine. “Ruth’s” design is based on the Casco Bay Hampton, a lobster boat built by Charlie Gomes in the early 1900s. She was launched in the year 2000, the seventy-sixth boat built by Dick Pulsifer, who, at that time, had been building this same design for twenty-seven years. In his forty-second year of building the Pulsifer Hampton boat, Dick has brought the process to the level of fine art and the boats themselves reflect this commitment to perfection.


"Ruth" is not a speed boat. You will travel at a speed that allows for the relaxed enjoyment of your surroundings. Engine noise is minimal so conversations are not strained. The easy motion of the boat is remarkable for its size, making for a comfortable, secure sense of well being. The boat is a work of art, both in design and construction.

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